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Home Furnishings

When it comes to setting up the perfect home, soft home furnishings play a huge role in bringing your interiors to life! From curtains to pillows, rugs to bedsheets, home furnishings add to the atmosphere of the room and can provide a relaxing feel as well as comfort. They help in providing an inviting and comfortable ambiance in the home, scattered across numerous spaces like the bedroom, living room, even dining room, and study. If you’re looking to add the perfect finishing touches to your home, check out our beautiful bed sheets, and top it off by scrolling for stylish cushions and cushion covers, or create textured layers with rugs. Whether your go-to aesthetic is Indian traditional or modern, we’ve got something to suit every taste in our home furnishings range. HomeTown’s vast range of home furnishings available online includes curtains for the windows and doors, bed sheets, blankets, mats, pillows, towels, comforters, and lots more, in a number of chic colours and styles.

Here is a breakdown of our home furnishings and their relevance –

Bedding –

Get the best night’s sleep in a bedroom that is as stylish as it is cozy. Our plush bedding sets offer a wide range of products in a myriad of styles, patterns, and colours to suit your bedroom interiors. Choose from essentials such as bed sheets, comforters, and pillows, and add some decorative cushions and throws to complete your bedding look. In a large overview, bedding and bed linen include fitted sheets, flat sheets, blankets, duvet inserts, duvet covers, comforters, quilts, pillows, pillow covers, and decorative pillows. While you can purchase elaborate sets that include everything you need, you can also mix and match to add an interesting contrast of colours and materials to suit your style.

Cushions –

If you’ve completed the interiors of a room and are looking for something to add as the final touch, cushions are an ideal, inexpensive way of using soft furnishings to bring your home to life. They can add texture to the room creating a cozy, lived-in feel, and are a perfect way of changing up the look and feel of your room throughout different seasons. For summers, bring out the bright, botanical cushions covers to add a sunny refresh to your home. For the festive season, switch these out for ornate, embellished cushion covers that will instantly glamourize your interiors.

Curtains –

Without a doubt, curtains are a home essential. While their fundamental purpose is to filter light and add privacy, they have evolved into an integral part of interior design and styling your space. From refreshing the look of the living room to bringing warmth and dimension into a bedroom, your curtains are a reflection of your style. Common types of curtains include grommet curtains, rod pocket curtains, sheer curtains, and blackout curtains. HomeTown’s vast range of window and door curtains available online and in-store add a distinct softness to your interior without burning a hole in your pocket.

Rugs –

You can define and demarcate an area in your home, add warmth and softness underfoot, and infuse colour while adding a layer of plush comfort with the right rug. Contemporary patterns, neutral hues, and shaggy textures are just a few of the popular elements that are featured in HomeTown’s rug collection. Their uses are plenty – you can delineate spaces in a living area or create a cozy texture beneath a bed, amongst many others.